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Portrait Klitchkos

Vitali Klitchko
Born on the 19th July 1971 in Belowodskoje, Ukraine
Professional Boxer and Politician – World Champion (heavyweight) in accordance with the WBC

“I play chess because it enables me to optimally train my concentration ability.”

Wladimir Klitchko
Born on the 25th March 1976 in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan
Professional Boxer – World Champion (heavyweight) in accordance with the IBF, WBO as well as the IBO

“I play chess because it allows me to completely switch off and forget everything going on about me.”

 “Boxing and chess – not a contradiction for the Klitchkos but a necessary symbiosis. “There is nothing better than a game of chess to train one’s ability to concentrate,” says Vitali Klitchko. “I need focussed and sustained concentration in the boxing ring as well as for my political and social projects.” His brother, Wladimir says, “I can completely switch off when I play chess, I think only of the game and my opponent, I forget everything else.”

Each of the chess-playing world champions has already firmly established himself in sport history and two brothers who are royal league champions at the same time – there’s never been anything like this before. “A dream became reality and without dreams, life really is dull,” Vitali Klitchko said after his sensational comeback against Samuel Peter. “The next episode follows,” the victor promises.

However, certainly not against his brother Wladimir. The only competition between these two exceptional athletes is on the chess board – and this since early childhood and with the deepest brotherly affection. “In the Ukraine, every child plays chess,” Vitali Klitchko says. “I also started very early and played chess as a balance for all the martial arts.” In this way he was able to teach his 5 year younger brother the rules and first moves. Who wins today? “It is pretty even,” both say in unison “and solely dependent upon how we are feeling on the day.” At the moment, Wladimir’s form is developing to the highest level – on the 13th December, he will be competing in his next title fight against Alexander Povetkin and, naturally, there is a chess board in the training camp!