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Portrait Vaile

Karolin Vaile Fuchs
Born on 3rd May 1980 in Hamburg, Germany
Musician and Actress

“I play chess because I can focus on it and free myself from everyday life.”

When Vaile sits at the chess board with her musician colleagues, it is predominantly about the fun of playing and taking risks - sometimes there is pure ‘robber chess’ with all the figures at full attack! Sometimes it is possible to take a stronger opponent by surprise. “When I pointed out to Smudo that he was in danger of losing his queen, I was really happy because he actually plays levels higher than me,” says Vaile. Just as Artur Brauner who Vaile lost against despite the support of two further players. “No problem, defeats at the chess board are more a stimulus rather than an annoyance. On to revenge! - then learn everything that I can from my opponent.”

Four years ago, during a backpacking journey through Thailand, Vaile discovered her fascination for chess. Since then she has used every opportunity, indeed she plays almost daily against her keyboard player, Kai Oliver Krug, and during her free time, she always has a travel chess set with her as, with a game of chess, she can free herself from everyday life. “I am a very shy person and a great deal in the wilderness to recharge my batteries in order to be prepared for other people. The game of chess helps me with this.”

Every year, on her own with a tent, two horses and a rucksack full with groceries and books, Vaile spends the most intensive months of the year. Here she finds herself, finds “that which remains of a person when in solitude.” This is where she writes most of her songs, this is also where her book was created, ‘Frei sein’, which is about her life in the forests.

Despite her ambivalent relationship to the public, Vaile has, in the meantime, ‘arrived’ and is now also an established actress. Vaile (who studied drama and music in New York and Hamburg) has, since 2006, starred in numerous films such as ‘Mörderische Erpressung’ (ZDF/ARTE/Hamburger Filmfest) or in several ‘Tatort’ films for which, she, as a singer and co-writer, has contributed a title song.