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Ambassadors of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008

With the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 a world sporting event will be hosted in Germany - a matter of fact that even elates celebrities. As "Ambassadors of the Chess Olympiad 2008" they support the publicity of the worldwide largest chess event.

Viktor Korchnoi - Chess Grandmaster

"For that people from different countries will fight less they need to get together more often. This idea of the ancient Greece has come to build the foundation of the Olympiads - even of the Chess Olympiad! Chess, as we know it, promotes the development of friendly relationships between nations and peoples. I wish all participants many pleasant encounters, friends and enjoyment in this year's tournament."
Portrait Viktor Korchnoi




Anatoly Karpov - Ex-World Champion

  „Germany is one of the countries I have visited regulary since the 1990s. For quite some time now, I have been coaching the German Chess Youth and youth Olympiad team. Therefore, I am happy to receive the chance to become engaged with the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 as ambassador.”



Boris Spassky - Ex-World Champion

“I play chess because at the age of nine my endless passion for it was awakened.”
Portrait Boris Spassky



Wolfgang Uhlmann - Chess Grandmaster from Dresden

"I have taken part in eleven Chess Olympiads, for a chessplayer a definit highlight. Now, this great event of world sports will come to Germany again after 38 years - to my hometown Dresden! For me it is more than an honour to become engaged as ambassdor for the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008."
Portrtrait Wolfgang Uhlmann





Wladimir and Vitali Klitchko - World Boxing Champions

“Boxing and chess – not a contradiction for the Klitchkos but a necessary symbiosis."
Portrati Klitchkos

Prof. Christian Hesse - Professor of Mathematics

"I enjoy being ambassador of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 because a wonderful chess event which will most certainly make a great impression on public awaits us. Thus, I believe that an attractive framework programme plays an important role. For this reason I will personally become engaged with a lecture on "Chess and Mathematics". "
Portrait Christian Hesse






Sebastian Krumbiegel - Singer of "Die Prinzen

"More than 150 nations - 1500 participants, all under one slogan "Wir spielen eine Sprache". I surely like to promote this international and intercultural chess event in Dresden. Here, guests from all over the world can get to know the 'real Saxony!"
Portrait Sebastian Krumbiegel




Vaile - Actress and Singer

"Playing chess has taught me that the ability to focus on something - in the game and in life - is the only chance to make the best of defeat and success. Only then I immerse into the matter. And only then I know what I have achieved and what I must improve. "
Portrait Vaile




Ronan Bennett - Irish Writer

"With the extraordinary number of actively playing chess talents nowadays, Dresden promises to become a classical Chess Olympiad in 2008 which will be able to compete with London 1927, Stockholm 1937 and Nice 1974. I am very happy and proud to having been chosen to serve as ambassador of this event."
Portrait Ronan Bennett





Susan Polgar - Chess Grandmaster

"It is my dream to make chess more popular, because this very old game implicates as well pleasure as personal value. Not least therefore I am involved as Ambassador with the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 und I will act as International Media Officer during this international mega event."
Portrait Susan Polgar




 Felix Magath - Football Coach

"The theorie of chess can be adapted to soccer, too. It is all about complex moves and progress. A good combination on the green does not simply arise but has to be well prepared. In the end, in both games you have winner and loser or the match ends with a draw."
Portrait Felix Magath









Artur "Atze" Brauner - Filmproducer

"Chess, besides music, is my favourite hobby. It would have been foolish not to accept the role as ambassador."
Portrait Artur Brauner










Günter Wallraff - Journalist and Writer

“I play chess because in so doing I can forget everything else and in play create my own world.”
Portrait Günter Wallraff


Marco Bode - Ex-Football Professional

“I play chess because for me it is the most fascinating game ever.”
Portrait Marco Bode







Mike Krüger - Comedian and Singer

“I play chess, because skill and not chance determine victory or defeat.”
Portrait Mike Krüger







Ruud Kaiser - Football Coach of SG Dynamo Dresden

“I play chess as it makes me think yet I can relax too”.
Portrait Ruud Kaiser