The Chess Olympiad visits the capital
Sarrasani Cultural Partner of the Chess Olympiad 2008
Framework Programme of the Chess Olympiad


Nation Partnerships

Nation partner
As Nation partner you will combine your commitment for the Chess Olympiad with your affinity to a certain nation and may personally receive the nation’s team at the Dresden airport. Prices are hierarchized according to the nation’s FIDE valuation and the sportive aspects of the participating teams. Hence, as nation sponsor you will have the unique experience to accompany your team during their competitions in the Chess Olympiad.

The nation sponsor receives the following priviliges:
- notation „Nation Sponsor (Name of the opted nation) or „Nation Partner of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008“
- title bearer of the word and colour mark “Chess Olympiad 2008” for your corporate communication
- reception with sponsored team
- shared presentation booth in the „World of Chess“


Branding ICD
- Branding on the display walls for nation sponsors

Branding Equipment
- Trademark presence on all chess boards of the sponsored nation

- Trademark display on nation sponsor pages in all official publications
- four-coloured advertisement page in the programme, distribution throughout the city of Dresden
- Naming of sponsor in all announcements related to the opted nation

- Logo on the homepage with naming of the partner nation on the page of the nation partners including link to corporate website

Bronze Hospitality
Tickets and Accreditation
- 2 VIP Accreditations for the duration of the Chess Olympiad including Catering
- 4 conferrable Tickest for the duration of the Chess Olympiad
- 2 Tickets for the Opening Ceremony

Cultural Programme
- Invitation for 2 people to the Gala-Dinner of World Champions
- 2 Tickets each for the Semper Opera and the Musical „Chess“
- VIP Invitations to all official events