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Accreditation and Registration

Please consider that you have to fill out this form even if you are registered by your federation in the federation's registration tool. By activating the link "Registration" at the end of this page you will start the accreditation process.

The accreditation form includes questions concerning general personal dates (name, mobile phone number, E-mail address) as well as information respective to your occupation/ editorial office.

Please note that you will be asked to upload a picture and documents to verify your affiliation to press organisations!

General guidelines

An accreditation can not be issued without proof of your affiliation to the press.

Necessary documents for accreditation:

- submission of the official national or international press card
and/ or
- Proof of your journalistic work (published articles, photos etc.)

After the approval of your accreditation, you will receive a confirmation via E-mail which will include your press login for our website With Login and Password you will be able to download interesting documents and pictures, a city map of Dresden, Pictures, venue maps, other documents of interest as well as a map of the press centre. Also, you will find helpful advice on terms and conditions for any press activities at the Chess Olympiad 2008.

Terms & conditions

Please note: Before sending the accreditation form, you should accept and confirm the following terms and conditions for press works at the Chess Olympiad 2008.

1. All journalists at the Chess Olympiad 2008 have to wear their accreditation pass visibly.
2. Please respect that some marked off areas in the press center / playing hall / commentary room / press conference area / stage are only for journalists with special accreditation cards.
3. In the inner areas and on stage of the playing hall journalists are allowed only during the first 15 Minutes of each round. Do not use flash lights after the first 15 Minutes of each round generally. It is not allowed to publish simulcasts during the whole round. Live transmissions of the games on the internet produced by yourself is also not allowed.

Please go to the registration form