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Little Knight meets big rook
The technical Olympiad spirit


The cultural contribution of chess

Dresden, 18/06/2008

Photo: Jan Braun/HNFChess has contributed its part to every era of cultural history. The character of the game made it popular for royal dynasties. For centuries, people have been portrayed playing the game of chess, chess materials exist in every possible color and shape. With new media of the 20th century numerous new ways of expression have been added. Chess is sung, heard, danced, felt, painted, photographed, shaped and visualized.

Self-evidently, we make great efforts to offer a well-balanced cultural programme. Here you find an overview of cultural and artistic events during the Chess Olympiad.

  • White Gold. An exhibition of the Dresden Porcelain Manufactury.
  • Touring exhibition with porcelain exhibits of the Dresden Porcelain Arts e.V.
  • The „Schachtürke“ is coming. An exhibition with further artefacts of the game of chess in the Dresden Technical Collections
  • Discover the roots of chess in the Ethnological Museum Dresden
  • Experience chess hi(stories) in the „Depot of the presence“ of the Dresden City Museum
  • A visit of the „World of Chess“ in the City Hall with its touring exhibitions
  • Photograph exhibition in the halation of the City Hall
  • Musical „Chess“ in the Dresden State Operetta
  • Visit of the Semper Opera
  • International Peace Devotion in the Church of our Lady
  • „Catwork“ – a fashion show featuring chess
  • Chess movies during the movie nights on the river Elbe (Summer 2008)
  • Shows in the famous circus Sarrasani
  • Chess at the Jazz-Festival Dresden
  • Chess at the Public Viewing on the Elbe river banks
  • Youth dance project „Chess fever“
  • Exhibitions during the Open City Hall day (August 2008)

... to name just a few!