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Dresden, 22/07/2008

Chess Olympiad 2008: Russia sending the strongest team of all times

„Russia, lead on by world championship candidate Vladimir Kramnik, will participate in the Chess Olympiad with the strongest team ever to take part in a team competition“ announced First Mayor of the City of Dresden, Dr. Lutz Vogel, welcoming the Board of Trustees of the Chess Olympiad 2008.

With Kramnik and his team collegues Alexander Morozevich, Peter Svidler, Alexander Grischuk and Dmitry Jakowenko the first five players of the current Russian FIDE rating list are about to arrive, having an incredible ELO average of 2.750 points.

„Even the current world champion will come“ added Dr. Vogel later on. Joining Viswanathan Anand are the strongest Indian players. In this succession also fits Hungary, bringing along Peter Leko, Judit Polgar (the world’s strongest women) and Zoltan Almasi.
















Regarding registrations of the national federations Dresden, with 133 registrations four months prior to the event, is on a good path. At the past Olympiad in Torina 146 were registered immediately before the beginning of the tournament. Among the preregistered are further well-known chess nations, but also some exotic ones like Trinidad and Tobago or the British Virgin Islands. Approximately 1.350 participants of the 2008 Olympiad are yet know by name.

It takes courage to announce the nomiation of teams so much in advance of the final possible registration deadline 12 September 2008, complements Dresden’s First Mayor and addresses the Board of Trustees: “Just like in the game of chess, decisions always have to be made. On this account, let me thank you for your decision to support the Chess Olympiad.” The curatorship of the Chess Olympiad is composed of high-ranking representatives of politics, economy, sports and culture.

On the occasion of the constituting meeting the president of the German Chess Association, Professor Dr. Baron Robert Klaus von Weizsaecker was credited to sign the city’s guest book. The head association of German chess players is also looking forward to the immediate organization phase, for which the in 1877 founded institution with its 100.000 members in 2.700 clubs has been fostering supportive events and activities since 2004. “I am sure the the Chess Olympiad in Dresden will be a great success and expect, that the media feedback will have a positive effect on the development of membership numbers“ explains Weizsaecker.














After the constituting meeting mayor Winfired Lehmann received invited guests to the official opening ceremony of the ZMD Chess Festival, which started Saturday, 19 July, 3 pm at the RAMADA hotel in Dresden-Leubnitz. The organizers of the tournament have been arrangeing chess tournaments since 1992 in Dresden, for instance numerous European and German championships. This year, the association hit a new participation record, having 320 pre-registrations. Thus, the Open was almost fully booked out; late registrations were only possible via substitute lists.

For the opening ceremony DSB-President Weizsäcker and Dr. Gerhard Köhler for the Chess Olympiad Co-Sponsor OrwoNet agreed to play a party of open air chess before grandmasters and national team members Elisabeth Pähtz and Falko Bindrich demonstrated a thrilling simultaneous match. Moreover, 12-year old Filiz Osmanodja was honoured for her second double German championship title, isochronically achieved in the open and girl’s section of her age group.