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With the Chess Olympiad on TV!

Dresden, 01/08/2008
The Chess Olympiad will have airtime at the ZDF-Fernsehgarten TV live show Sunday, 17 August 2008, when three players of the German national Olympiad squad will play against a total of 96 voluntary players. Each Grandmaster will thereby challenge 32 opponents at a form of ‘Speed Chess’.

What is meant is a regular simultaneous game round which will be played in blitz speed by the Olympiad participants. Consideration time for each player is limited to the time the Grandmaster takes to get back to the particular board. His task will be to win each game in an average time of less than two minutes. Will YOU take on this challenge? Will YOU come along?

Are you fond of an appearance in the ZDF-Fersehgarten show?

At speed chess physical sprint and mental chess abilities will be combined. The national players must be good at both in order to make it.

YOU, however, will just play a game of chess.


Call 0351 - 488 - 1665 at the Organizing Office.
Or Email to:
UStrempel@dresden.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Name, First name, and phone number.

Please note that travel arrangements have to be made individually. Costs will not be covered!