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Framework Programme of the Chess Olympiad

Dresden, 03/09/2008

Event though the Chess Olympiad 2008 is in the spirit of chess, Dresden, as cultural metropolis, also offers an ample cultural framework programme.

Those who wish to give themselves over to the royal board game may do so by participating in the numerous collateral tournaments of the Olympiad. In the weeks from 12 to 25 November 2008 open, senior, family and tandem tournaments will take place, Moreover, ...

...the Dresden sports association for deaf people will organize a tournament for deaf and hearing impaired. German youngster talents are invited to join the International Youth Camp of the German Chess Youth. A further special event is the finale of the Deutschland-Cup. Members of all German states have qualified in several rounds for this tournament and are now looking forward to the finale in Dresden.

But not only the many tournaments carry the stamp of the Chess Olympiad. The whole city features chess. Various exhibitions attract chess friends to Dresden and elate with porcelain chess games, memories and testimonials of chess matches or even the famous „Chess Turk“.


That chess can be the theme of the evening even for non-players is strikingly proven at the State Operetta Dresden with the musical „Chess“. Furthermore, the Semper Opera also offers performances, and the “Catwork 2008” fashion show features chess as well.


Moreover, the Chess Olympiad nearly comes to your doorstep – through the roadshow „Road to Dresden“, which travels through Saxony still until 22 November 2008, to promote the great event at main shopping malls in the cities. And people who wish to get first hand experience of a German national player should not miss out on the Simultanous Chess Tour.

The 179 Partner Schools of the participating Olympiad teams hope that they may send their best players to the partner school’s tournament at the beginning of the Olympiad, the finale of the many qualification tournaments they had to master throughout the past months.
(Foto: Jan Braun/HNF)