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„Black and White Stories“

Dresden, 19/10/2008

„Black and White Stories“ featured at the „Prague Night” in Dresden
25.10.2008 6:30 to 1:00 pm 

For the sixth time now the „Prager Nacht“ (Prague Night) will showcase in Dresden.
In the course of the PRAGER NACHT and the upcoming Chess Olympiad Vlastimil Hort will recount „Black and White Stories“in the location of the Chess Olympiad Organizing Office.
Vlastimil Hort, born1944 in Kladno, is a Czech-German chess player who immigrated to Germany in 1979. He is an excellent simoultaneous chess player and set the blind chess world record of 1977 in Reykjavík (Island). He became als known as humorous commentator of the WDR chess tv shows “Grandmaster Chess” together with Helmut Pfleger.
The Prager Nacht event fully acts on its networking process, involving the Chess Olympiad which is to start in November. In a humorous way of story telling including the utilization of a chess game for demonstration purposes the game shall be brought closer to laymen. Pitching the camp on the Organizing Office will surely contribute to its success.
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