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The model and the gamer

Dresden, 17/11/2008

24-year old Mira Dedijer is playing third board for Bosnia & Hercegovina in her second olympiad. There are certainly a lot of female players which raise men’s attraction and Mira is one of those for several reasons.
Grandmaster Borki Predojevic is 21 years old and playing board two for Bosnia & Hercegovina. He lives in Sarajevo and Teslic where he originated from.

Peter Dengler: Mira, how tall are you?

Mira Dedijer: 1.80 meters.

PD: Do you only choose men who are taller than you?

MD: (laughs)Yes!

PD: What are you studying?

MD I study civil engineering in Novi Sad in Serbia.

PD: Do you plan to go abroad after you finished your study?

MD: No, I plan to stay in Serbia. Actually I chose a subject which will make it quite easy for me to find a job. There is a lot of construction going on in Serbia and civil engineers find jobs easily.

PD: Where did you learn English so well?

MD: At school!

PD: Did you also play a lot of international youth tournaments?

MD: Not so many. – (Borki Predojevic reminding her…) Hmm, some: European Championship under 16, under 18 and under 20, world championship under 18 and under 20.

PD: Aha, I would not call that “some”. Vladislav Tkachiev told us yesterday chess needs some superstars which can attract the kids. I think you can be one of the candidates.

MD: Actually I did some modelling last year in Belgrade. A fashion show. They wanted to book me for more shows but I refused due to the work I had to do for my study. Now I have more time and I may consider to take such offers again if they ask.

PD: What other sports do you do?

MD: When I was about nine years old I did Karate and got the green belt. But I don’t want to revive that.

PD: Are you about to get married?

MD: No!

(The other Bosnians laugh. Borki: She always says this, even when she has got a boyfriend!)


Peter Dengler: Now Borki, your turn! Are you a chess professional?

Borki Predojevic:Yes.

PD:Any other of these typical chessplayer pa
tterns like playing Poker?

BP:I am a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, I even play the world championship.

Has your ELO rating constantly improved?

BP:I lost a little bit recently. My best rating was 2651, now I am down to 2615.

PD: Why can 14 year old kids like Hou Yifan from China compete on the same level with grandmasters who have 20 years and more of chess experience?

BP:Experience sometimes may lead to lazyness. With the Internet today every player has the same preconditions concerning chess material. Twenty years ago talent mattered a lot more.

PD: Who do you work with? Are there any players you are fond of?

BP: Sometimes I work with Viktor Bologan. In 2005 I also worked with Ivan Sokolov but he is now concentrating on his “Sokolov Real Estate” business. My favourite players were Kasparov and Shirov. Now I have played Shirov three times – even in this olympiad! Today I like the way that Magnus Carlsen is playing and also Wang Yue from China.

PD: What do you think about the new rules like “no draw before move 30”?

BP: I think it is in some way very interesting – when I play very strong players and we run into a position where my opponent does not feel very comfortable he would have offered a draw in the past and normally I would have to agree on that. Now he cannot offer the draw and has to keep on playing, this is really very interesting! But I don’t like the punishment for late show-up. I think it was already sufficient to be punished by the time that elapsed when you came late.

Peter Dengler

The author is working as a volunteer in the press centre of this year’s chess olympiad. As an amateur chessplayer he is taking the chance to meet with the chess world.