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Susan Polgar about her Dresden visit

Dresden, 20/04/2008
"I just arrived back to my hotel. It has been an incredible day in Dresden. First, I had a meeting with members of the Olympiad organizing committee. The official announcement has been made. I was asked and accepted the role of official Ambassador of the upcoming Dresden Olympiad. I had many good memories in Dresden all the way back when I was a young girl and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this magnificent event.

After the meeting, we went to the American football game. All the fans in the stadium were singing Happy Birthday to me. It was quite a nice surprise.

This main event of the day was the Press Gala at the Dresden Residence Castle. This was the glamorous ball for journalists, politicians and business representatives (and not for chess players). This year's theme was “Rochade in black and white” – on the occasion of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 from November 12 to 25.

It was an amazing ball. It felt like the Cinderella ball with the chess theme. There were beautiful chess pieces everywhere hanging down from the ceilings, on the stairs, on the floor, in the cakes, ice carvings, and every other place you can imagine.

The crowd of 1,200 people in tuxedos and ballroom gowns also sang Happy Birthday to me. I was presented with more flowers than I have ever seen at one time in my life.

There were only 2 representatives from the chess community, legendary GM Wolfgang Uhlmann and me. We even played 2 exhibition blitz games and the crowed gathered around to watch while Dr. Dirk Jordan was doing LIVE commentary for everyone.

At dinner, I was sitting next to Saxony Governor Georg Milbradt. He was extremely nice and kind. The official Olympiad site has a post about the event here. The organizer also announced my official role at the upcoming Olympiad. In addition to being the Olympiad Ambassador, I will also be in charge of the International Media for the Olympiad.

The largest newspaper in Dresden will have a 4-page coverage of the Olympiad daily and I will have a full page to do news, recaps and items relating to the Olympiad each day. Paul will be the official photographer of the Olympiad and he will also assist me in a number of key areas.

I was shown the Olympiad playing hall and the area of the Olympiad. It is beautifully located right by the river. I believe it will be a very well run Olympiad and I am looking forward to bringing the Olympiad news periodically before and definitely everyday during this magnificent event.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes! I will post many pictures when I am back. Tomorrow I will head to Frankfurt then back to the U.S. after that."