Armenians repeat their success
Little Knight meets big rook
The technical Olympiad spirit


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Armenians repeat their success

They improbably defended their Turin title; Georgia wins womens


Little Knight meets big rook

Chess between 7 and 83


The technical Olympiad spirit

Chess players are no back numbers. The computer has found the way into the lives of the players:


Opening of the 11th round

The president of Armenia visits the Chess Olympiad


First Press Conference Last Day

Organizers Pleased With Olympiad. As their work ends, time for reflection


Topalov Trying to Get Back on Top

Highest-rated player two matches from regaining title


Satranç in Istanbul

The Chess Olympiad 2012 will take place in Turkey


Spassky's Take

Former World Champion is never short on words


Israel Surprising, China Sputtering With Two Rounds Remaining

Teams beginning to look at standings more closely


The happy chickens

Sisters Mira and Sanja Dedijer are called „the happy chickens“ or rather „veseli koka“ by their team mates from Bosnia & Hercegovina and other insiders. Why that?


Pair of World Champs Reemerge at Olympiad

They held the title for much different periods


Hotel stories

Suddenly a cold draft waved through the breakfast room of the Westin Bellevue Hotel. Carmen de Jager, fourth board of South Africa's women's team had opened the door to check the aggregate state named snow which she had never touched before.


The World Champion and the One-Day World Champion's Father

GM Dominguez and dad of GM Carlsen discuss recent successes


Player´s Portrait

Kareen Jalaluldeen from Iraq


A trader at the chessboard

Canada has come to the olympiad with a men’s and women’s team. The North Americans are usually having their meals together. They agreed to some talking before during lunchtime before the seventh round started.


Defending Champs, Home Team Continue Roll

Armenia surprised the chess world at Turin, 2006 with a golden performance. After seven of 11 rounds in Dresden, they did not sneak up on Russia, but were still too much even in an underdog role.


Kinks in Kamsky Match Resolved

Despite a busy February for GMs Gata Kamsky and Veselin Topalov, managers of both players have arduously hammered out the details at the Chess Olympiad in Dresden. According to Silvio Danailov, Topalov's long-time manager, the contracts were signed today.


Player´s Portrait

Batkhuyag Munguntuul – first board player for Mongolia


Press conference day six

Fresh Faces and Old Warriors Leading Teams. Grandmasters of different generations taking over on first board


A Swede from Frankfurt with dreams

One of the first players I saw at this year’s olympiad was Sweden’s grandmaster Slavko Cicak. When asking him to attend the press conference at day one he passed that over to his team mate Tiger Hillarp Persson. But after the round on day four Slavko agreed to an interview.


Making War From the 'Land of the Morning Calm'

In the 20th anniversary of the Seoul Summer Olympics, South Korea sends two squads to the Olympiad for the first time.


The Spanish Jack of all Trades

Spanish Grandmaster Alfonso Romero Holmes has come from Spain specially to see the Chess Olympiad in Dresden. He has been 5 times olympic player with Spain, he has been the director in chief of the magazines Jaque and Gambito, and the owner of the prestigious Publishing House Editorial Chessy, and organises chess tournaments.


Six Teams Lead the Way on Rest Day

As Olympiad approaches the half-way mark, teams look to distance themselves from the peloton


The model and the gamer

24-year old Mira Dedijer is playing third board for Bosnia & Hercegovina in her second olympiad. There are certainly a lot of female players which raise men’s attraction and Mira is one of those for several reasons.
Grandmaster Borki Predojevic is 21 years old and playing board two for Bosnia & Hercegovina. He lives in Sarajevo and Teslic where he originated from.


The Olympiad's Sixth Man

Though they will never make a move over the board, the decisions and advice of a federation’s captain can impact a team’s success in a big way.

Press conference day four

Husband-Wife Duos Abound at Olympiad. As marriages meld in Dresden, players have two games to worry about.


Chess Olympiad on the internet: Over 60 million file downloads per day

Over 510 linked chess boards live on the internet – for the first time in history, all games of the chess olympiad could be followed from the beginning without any problems.

Facts and Figures of the Chess Olympiad in Dresden

The final turnout of the participants of the Chess Olympiad is now set. “Replacement or new nominations are not possible anymore”, says Werner Stubenvoll of the Technical Administration Panel (TAP).


Worldly Grandmasters Criss-Cross Continents for their Craft

A trio of GMs never leaves home without their passports as they hopscotch over international borders


The financial crisis has reached the chess world

On the morning of the third round I ran into the Icelandic team coaches Sigurbjon Bjornsson (men) and Omar Salama (women) in the lobby of the Westin Bellevue Hotel when they delivered their team lineup. They agreed to give an interview and we sat down nearby.


Chess everywhere in Dresden

It is remarkable to see how the city of Dresden come together to make the 38th Chess Olympiad a huge success.


The Ladies at the Open Chess Olympiad

There are 146 teams representing 144 nations at the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad. However, some women did qualify to play in the Open team.


Fewer Surprises as Olympiad Enters First Weekend

Top-level teams mostly took care of business in the open draw in round two; several team in the women's division were upset.


The early bird

The early bird catches the worm? Or win the point? I was surprised to see Bulgarian grandmaster Kiriel Georgiev entering the dining hall at 7:45 on the morning of the second round. Chessplayers are not known for getting up early. Actually he was not the first one as Sergey Fedorov of Belarus already had a seat at the round table in the Westin Bellevue Hotel. After hesitating for a moment Kiril agreed to an interview during breakfast.


Press Conference Day Two

Chinese Trio Lets Their Play Do the Talking; Olympiad Drawing Huge Crowds Online


“Smart through Chess!” - Minister’s first Move

With moving the queen pawn two squares forward, the Saxonian Minister for Education professor Roland Wöller symbolically opened the top match of the second day. The further competition between the two grandmasters Kamil Miton from Poland and Russian Vladimir Kramnik, Wöller was watching from a respectful distance.

Who is „Chinese Taipei“?

Before the start of round two I noticed a young boy sitting on board three of the team with the country initials „TPE“. Apparently the woman handing him a cup of water belonged to the team and I asked Mei-Fang Chen or “Dina” for an interview.

Surprises Among the Top Tier On Day One

The 38th Chess Olympiad got off to a rare surprise start Thursday as new rule changes created more competitive matchups than usual. Four of the top eight seeded open teams failed to win their matches in the new accelerated pairing system that essentially pairs teams for the first game that would normally have met in round two.

The German Teams: Young guns aiming high

In a press conference on Wednesday, the captains for both Men’s and Women’s German A-teams Uwe Bonsch (who is the national coach of the German Chess Federation) and Davit Lobzhanidze (who won the “Coach of the Year” award in 2006), both said that they are optimistic about their teams, hoping to finish in the top 10 with aspiration to dabble in the top 6!

Tournament invitations for all chess fans

Those who haven’t been fortunate enough to qualify for the finals of the Germany Cup can sign up for one or more of the collateral tournaments taking place during the Chess Olympiad 2008. No matter what nation, gender or playing ability one has, whether one is organised in a chess club or just playing chess for fun - everyone who loves playing chess is welcome!


Glamourous Opening Ceremony on Ice

„Chess“ has been an important topic in Dresden for a long time already but since 12th November it is on eyeryone’s lips. That night, the 38. Chess Olympiad was officially opened at ice pavilion Freiberger Arena with an impressing and diversified programme.


Dresden is really "barock"

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (SWE) as the current Swedish champion was asked whether he can choose to play or not. He answered "unfortunately not - it is strictly up to the team captain to decide".


Chess Olympiad TV

Now everybody can follow the Chess Olympiad - without even being in Dresden! It was about time, but now the Chess Olympiad finally has its own TV channel where you can watch matches, highlights, interviews and portraits 24 hours a day.



Guenter Wallraff in a new role

The journalist and writer Guenter Wallraff is one of the Ambassdors of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008. In the course of his undercover research projects he discovered his fascination for the strategic game: “During the past years I have been challenged and chevied, mixed up with campaigns and at the same time in the dock. Chess, throughout all this time, has given me tranquillity and endurance; in a game I hop everything behind and leave into another world.  With chess, I have created a calming port in my life, a certain lifeguard. With it, I experience true moments of joy.”


Chess legend Uhlmann promotes Chess Olympiad in Munich

The Olympiad Ambassador Wolfgang Uhlmann was guest at the 11th International Fair for Business Real Estates in Munich on 6 October 2008 to promote the Chess Olympiad Dresden. During an internet blitz match against German junior talent Arik Braun visitors gathered around the presentation booth of the City of Dresden.


Blue Wonder in Dresden

650 hours prior to the Chess Olympiad the „Blue Wonder“now also flys the flag of the event in Dresden. On all four towers of the famous Dresden landmark the official Olympiad flags were hoisted this month. After the City Hall, which is decorated with the supersize Olympiad banner, the 150 year old Blue Wonder Bridge now, too, visually promotes the international tournament.


„Black and White Stories“

„Black and White Stories“ featured at the „Prague Night” in Dresden
25.10.2008 6:30 to 1:00 pm 


Important Notice - VISA

Dear FIDE Members,

The Organizers have sent out via e-mail the official invitation letters to all Federations which requested the letters at our database or via e-mail already weeks ago. Due to the fact that the Chess Olympiad will start in 29 days we would like to call special attention to the Visa application at the respective German embassies!


What has Chess got to do with Flowers?

This question must have concerned the prospective floristry masters of the floristics training course FM 19 at the Dresden Institute for Floristics when they received their assignment task for this year’s master project.


Chess Olympiad advertising nationwide with image poster

On the occasion of the „Long Night of Sports“ on 27 September 2008 in the Dresden city center the new official image poster of the Chess Olympiad, which thanks to the Co-Sponsor Stroeer will be visible all over the country from Tuesday onwards, was presented to the public.


Record-breaking Dresden Olympiad 2008

152 federations in the Chess Olympiad 2008
Historical mark of number of participants in Chess Olympiad


Chess Olympiad for amateur players

During the Chess Olympiad not only grandmasters make their moves on the board. Parallel to the Olympiad matches all chess fans have the opportunity to become part of the event by getting involved in one of the many collateral tournaments. Read more for further information.



The Chess Olympiad visits the capital

Saxony welcomes the Chess Olympiad
Nation partner VNG jumps on board

Felix Magath and Artur "Atze" Brauner campaign for the Chess Olympiad


NEW: Bulletin 2 out now!

The second issue of the Bulletin of the 38th Chess Olympiad is now published. Subdivided into three parts all relevant information regarding the Chess Olympiad, the FIDE Congress and applicable tournament rules may be found on the 22 pages of the document in English language

Framework Programme of the Chess Olympiad

Event though the Chess Olympiad 2008 is in the spirit of chess, Dresden, as cultural metropolis, also offers an ample cultural framework programme.

Those who wish to give themselves over to the royal board game may do so by participating in the numerous collateral tournaments of the Olympiad. In the weeks from 12 to 25 November 2008 open, senior, family and tandem tournaments will take place, Moreover, ...


Sarrasani Cultural Partner of the Chess Olympiad 2008

Sarrasani to be Cultural Partner of the Chess Olympiad 2008
Trocadero Dinner-Variétheater Dresden opens 23 October 2008

André Sarrasani and the Sarrasani Trocadero Dinner-Variétheater Dresden are to become cultural partners of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008. An according agreement was signed between Chess Olympiad manager Jörn Verleger and the magician Sarrasani in the course of the latter’s summer party. Sarrasani also was supporter of the opening ceremony of the European Chess Championships in 2007.



Chess and the "Blue Wonder"

This time, the Roadshow of the Chess Olympiad 2008 – „Road to Dresden“ – stopped over at the Schiller Galerie Dresden, situated right across from the famous “Blue Wonder” bridge in the East of Dresden. From 21 to 23 August visitors in droves got involved in grim matches for the many sought-after prices again.

I would love to be part of our team

We talked with Loek Van Wely about Dresden and the chances of the Dutch team during the multicultural tournament in November.

If the Dutch top player will be nominated at all is still open. As second, Van Wely worked with Kramnik. Topalov and Kamsky. Loek is facing the same problems than his colleague Ivan Sokolov who is eligible to play for the Dutch team. 


"Sunny day, strong opponents"

Past Saturday, 17 August 2008, chess was live to see in the two-hour ZDF show “Fernsehgarten”. The three members of the German national teams, Jan Gustafsson, Klaus Bischoff and Melanie Ohme, were challenged by 32 players each at “Speed Chess”.
Photo: Jan Fischer, Frankenpost


We will fight - We can do it!

Interview with Shakryar Mamedjarow, Vassily Ivantschuk and Sarunas Sulskis.

In a group of four we continue our talks with the top players of the upcoming Olympiad. Besides Vassily Ivantschuk, Ukranian number one player and recent world ranking number 4 with Elo 2781, we met Shakryar Mamedjarow (2742 / 8) and the fugleman of Vasilly, Lithuanian Sarunas Sulskis (2562).


3rd German Olympiad team

In the Chess Olympiad from 12 to 25 November 2008 in Dresden Germany will be participating with two Open and two Women’s teams as approved by FIDE. In case of an uneven number of participants Germany is even allowed to send one third additional team per competition.  For the Open it is destined to nominate players from the whole country whereas in the women’s section a Saxon equipe will get the chance to participate. This particular Saxon team was nominated on 5 August 2008 by the president of the Saxon Chess Association, André Martin, by order of the German Chess Federation. Team manager and coach is FIDE master Hendrik Hoffmann from Leipzig. On his team he called: Sandra Ulms, Claudio Steinbacher, Franziska Beltz, Elena Winkelmann and Filiz Osmanodja.

Chess Olympiad stopping over in Bautzen

 With a variegated programm and many opportunities to play chess the Roadshow of the Chess Olympiad Dresdn 2008 – „Road to Dresden“ lured numerous visitors to the Kornmarkt shopping center in Bautzen last weekend. Tournaments for everyone animated plenty of amateur and hobby chess players to get on the boards; as many as never before at the previous promotion events. On the 30 provided boards, all of them continuously busy, whoever felt like it could indulge in the royal game.

Chess on Tour: by bike to Dresden

This Saturday, the last stage of the Tour de Schach will bring the participants to Dresden – finally. They will be welcomed by Mayor Winfried Lehmann at 1:00 pm in the newly opened Café of the Dresden City Museum, “Café Krubsacius”. But there won’t be much time to rest, as shortly afterwards the bikers get together to play out the winner of the “2nd Chess Biker Cup“. Therefore, the enthusiastic sportsmen and –women are to trade their bikes off for chessboards in order to determine the victor of the most quaint tournament of the year. Rule is: Only who rode his bike in the last or any stage of the tour is allowed to participate in the tournament.

With the Chess Olympiad on TV!

The Chess Olympiad will have airtime at the ZDF-Fernsehgarten TV live show Sunday, 17 August 2008, when three players of the German national Olympiad squad will play against a total of 96 voluntary players. Each Grandmaster will thereby challenge 32 opponents at a form of ‘Speed Chess’.

Collateral Tournaments of the Chess Olympiad 2008

New: The most recently released invitations to the collateral tournaments Blitz, Tandem, Family and Silent Chess are now to be found on our website at "Collateral Tournaments" and can be downloaded there! Invitations to and information on other tournaments will equally be found there.



The everlasting champion

Chess Olympiad 2008: Russia sending the strongest team of all times

„Russia, lead on by world championship candidate Vladimir Kramnik, will participate in the Chess Olympiad with the strongest team ever to take part in a team competition“ announced First Mayor of the City of Dresden, Dr. Lutz Vogel, welcoming the Board of Trustees of the Chess Olympiad 2008.


Jan Gustafsson and the culture of moaning

Jan Gustafsson is member of the German national team and has just placed shared second in the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Days with an excellent score of 4 of 7 against world stars of chess. On the occasion of the nomination of the German team for Dresden Friday, 11 July, Klaus J. Lais spoke with him in Dortmund. Hamburg-born Gustafsson envisages the coming Chess Olympiad and talks about the situation of chess in Germany.

Peter Leko wins Sparkassen Chess Meeting Dortmund 2008

Peter Leko wins the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2008 and is the new chess king of Dortmund. For the 28-year-old Hungarian, it is the third triumph after 1999 and 2002. “I am very happy to win here for the third time. I was close last year, but missed the victory. This is my biggest success this year so far and I am thrilled about it”, Leko stated after the match.

Eight world class players prior to the Chess Olympiad

With an exquisite number of participants, as being well-known from Dortmund, the Sparkassen Chess Meeting started the fourth of seven rounds on Wednesday. After the third round, the German Jan Gustafsson leads with 2 out of 3 after finishing drawn against the Azerbaijani Shakhriyar Mamedjarow, and former world cham-pion Wladimir Kramnik, but winning of all over his team member of the Chess Olympiad, Arkadij Naiditsch.



State Operetta to take on the match

Cooperation contract wrapped up – Musical „Chess“ premiere nearly sold out

With a resolute hand shake Wolfgang Schaller, director of the Dresden State Operetta, took on the challenge and opened the chess match against mayor Winfried Lehmann. “It stands out that the State Operetta seized the municipal suggestion and supports us in such a preeminent way regarding the cultural field“ states Lehmann excitedly while actress Nadine Eisenhardt in the musical starring role watches both protagonists at their game.


ORWO Net 's move!

ORWO Net to become Co-Sponsor of the Chess Olympiad

Photo service provider ORWO Net presents book and calendar for the Chess Olympiad. Mayor Winfried Lehmann welcomed ORWO Net GbmH CEO Gerhard Köhler in Dresden Tuesday for the contractual agreement and thanked him for the engagement by the company from Bitterfeld-Wolfen: “The photo books and the calendar are an ideal extension of our product range concerning the Chess Olympiad. A strong partner like ORWO Net is always attractive for such a big sporting event as the Chess Olympiad.“



DGT becomes official supporter of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008

CEO of the Chess Foundation GmbH, Jörn Verleger, presented one more supporter of the Chess Olympiad. The Dutch enterprise DGT Projects BV is manufacturer of chess clocks and boards and long-time partner of the world chess association FIDE. In autumn, DGT will supply the required traditional chess equipment for the collateral tournaments of the Olympiad free of charge.


The cultural contribution of chess

Photo: Jan Braun/HNFChess has contributed its part to every era of cultural history. The character of the game made it popular for royal dynasties. For centuries, people have been portrayed playing the game of chess, chess materials exist in every possible color and shape. With new media of the 20th century numerous new ways of expression have been added. Chess is sung, heard, danced, felt, painted, photographed, shaped and visualized.

Self-evidently, we make great efforts to offer a well-balanced cultural programme. Here you find an overview of cultural and artistic events during the Chess Olympiad.


Board of Trustees Chess Olympiad 2008

For the constitutive meeting on 17 July 2008 Dresden lord mayor Dr. Lutz Vogel has invited the committee of high-ranking members to the Dresden castle ‘Eckberg’. Not only Eckberg, as one of the three Dresden city castles alongside the Elbe, offers a wonderful setting, the meeting venue Albrechtsberg castle does have a lot to offer as well, besides the at the same time scheduled opening ceremony of the ZMD Chess Festival.

FIDE submitts regulation changes for Chess Olympiad

Ignatius Leong compliments City of Dresden for her preparations

Ignatius Leong, Chief Arbiter of the Chess Olympiad and General Secretary of the world chess association FIDE, surprised journalists at a press conference Tuesday, 03 June 2008.”We will have considerable renewals regarding the regulations in the 2008 Olympiad in Dresden,” the man from Singapore declares. For the first time, federations have to nominate their candidates until the fixed date of 12 September 2008.


Olympiad Arbiters - List 2

Photo: Chief Arbiter Ignatius LeongFIDE has also completed the list of international arbiters to be appointed for the Chess Olympiad. Read here who makes ist way to Dresden.


Olympiad Arbiters - List 1

German Olympiad arbiters announced

Deputy Chief Arbiter of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008, ISR Klaus Deventer, has published the list of German arbiters nominated for the tournament. Among them are 13 with an international license, like Deventer himself. They are from all over Germany, except for Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern all states are represented – some more, some less. All well-known first and second German league arbiters are in.



Boris Spasski: "I am looking forward to visit Dresden!"

As the Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, media partner of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008, reports in today’s issue, the tenth world champion of chess history, Boris Spasski, will visit Dresden during the Chess Olympiad. He was very happy to receive an invitation from the mayor of the City of Dresden.

The complete interview in German can be found here.


Official invitation for Chess Olympiad 2008 sent out

Bulletin 1 contains all vital information for registration, accomodation and dates

The City of Dresden, the German Chess Association and FIDE have officially invited all member federations to participate in the Chess Olympiad Dresden from 12 to 25 November 2008. Worldwide, all national federations were given the invitation in form of the ‘Bulletin 1’ 6 months prior to the event.


FIDE announces 37 Olympiad arbiters

Past Thursday, FIDE has appointed 37 of the total of 50 arbiters who will be deployed during the Chess Olympiad 2008 in Dresden. The remaining 13 names are to be announced after the Presidential Board meeting on May 30/31. In the meantime, the list of arbiters is being completed by the German part as well.

German Railways to offer special ticket for Chess Olympiad 2008

Deutsche Bahn offers reduced fare tickets for visitors of the Chess Olympiad
Throughout the whole country for only 89,- Euro round trip

Chess fans can now look forward to a cheap and comfortable visit of the Chess Olympiad in Dresden. The Deutsche Bahn (German Railways enterprise) provides a special ticket for the duration of the Chess Olympiad from 10 – 27 November 2008, valid for a German wide round trip.


Chess after shopping

Roadshow to take off in KaufPark Nickern
Kick-off event for tour around Saxony on 29 May 2008

The as „Roadshow“ entitled tour of the organizing office of the Chess Olympiad 2008 through various well-known Dresden shopping malls will be launched May 29. At the KaufPark Dresden Nickern the Chess Foundation GmbH will promote the great chess event of November over the duration of three days and will animate shoppers to visit the Chess Olympiad by presenting an attractive (chess) programme.


Chess Fever - chess on the dancefloor

Second youth dance project of the Dresden State Operetta
„Johann Georg Palitzsch“ school and Bertolt-Brecht highschool students excitedly looking forward to the Chess Olympiad

„It is an immense pleasure for the Dresden State Operetta to bring dance, music, theater and professional artists closer to more than 100 Dresden students for the second time already!“ launches the director of the operetta theater, Wolfgang Schaller, the press conference at the stage premiere of the project „Chess Fever“.



Volunteer from Austria, Cyprus, Russia and Germany

They come from the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden, but also from Graz (Austria), Pano Lefkara (Cyprus) and St. Petersburg (Russia) – the volunteers of the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008. If you would also like to join the team got to online registration.


Susan Polgar about her Dresden visit

"I just arrived back to my hotel. It has been an incredible day in Dresden. First, I had a meeting with members of the Olympiad organizing committee. The official announcement has been made. I was asked and accepted the role of official Ambassador of the upcoming Dresden Olympiad. I had many good memories in Dresden all the way back when I was a young girl and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this magnificent event.

Dresden honours her athletes in the chess year 2008

That sport plays a big role in Dresden is well known here. Whether volleyball, soccer, rowing or chess, the offer is wide-ranging.
Last Saturday, April 12, once again the city’s best of the year 2007 were honoured in the annual Sport’s Gala in the International Congress Center Dresden, the venue of the Chess Olympiad. And in the Olympiad year the latter cannot be missing, of course.


The last move in the GDR

In 1995 Fritz Baumbach won the last medal for the GDR – 5 years after the political reunification of the two German states. It all was made possible by the extravagancy that his sport brings along.

Board of directors and shareholder's meeting in Dresden

A comprehensive agenda was implemented in the board of directors and shareholders of the Schacholympiade 2008 – Chess Foundation GmbH meetings on April 4th. CEO Jörn Verleger extensively informed the representatives of the Dresden city council and the association Schacholympiade Dresden e.V about the status quo of the preparations for the big tournament in November.

Partner schools of the Chess Olympiad to take their marks

During the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 not only pro players will fight for fame and glory on the chess boards. Also, 60 elementary school students participating in the the project „Partner schools of the Chess Olympiad“ will do so. Thus, the German Chess Youth is now organizing five regional qualification tournaments through which 40 schools can secure their spot in the final tournament in Dresden. The remaining 20 teams can qualify through conceptual project work.

Already 75 nations registered fort he Chess Olympiad

The Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 is continuously met with great approval in all parts of the world. As many as 75 nations have yet registered to participate in the worldwide largest and most important chess event.



Chess in Dresden clubs (1)

In Dresden, young and old are enjoying the game of chess. More than 550 citizens of Dresden get together regularly in eight different clubs to indulge in the ‘royal game’. A total of 160 kids are active players in chess clubs and the increment is the highest of all age groups. Many chess friends also wish to participate as volunteers in the Chess Olympiad. On this account, all Dresden chess clubs are portrayed in loose order in the weekly published Dresdner Amtsblatt within the next weeks. Today, the series started with a presentation of the SG Grün-Weiß Dresden.



Chess Olympiad 2008 in MDR "Sachsenspiegel"

In November, the second largest sporting event in the world after the Olympic Games, will take place in Dresden. Regarding up-to-date information on the preparations and organization of the event the regional broadcasting station MDR reportet extensively in ist daily news show „Sachsenspiegel“ – if you missed it you may watch the film using the MDR online media center until the upcoming week.

Download the Schedule of the Chess Olympiad 2008

Whether Opening Ceremony or Collateral Tournaments, free days of the Olympic Tournament – when does it actually take place at the Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008? For a better orientation the Organizing Office has now released the up-to-date schedule which may be downloaded here.