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European Chess Union

The European Chess Union (ECU) is a politically and confessionally independent association and has its seat in Switzerland. The association is subject to the national law of Switzerland. The ECU intends to safeguard and further the interests of Chess in Europe, as well as the interests of its members. It will coordinate the activity of the members and organize continental championships. The ECU will represent the interests of the members of ECU at FIDE and other international organizations

Any national Chess Federation on the European continent are considered to be members of ECU.

The instance with the highest authority in the ECU is the General Assembly where all member states have the right with a single vote. Official language of the ECU is English.

The European Chess Union (ECU) was officially founded 1985 in Graz. Since the East-Block didn't join this organization at this time, there was little co-operation in Europe and it wasn't very influential in relation to the world chess organization (FIDE).

The statutes were redrafted in April 1998. All 53 national Chess federations in Europe (including Israel) were prepared to join the ECU. Subsequently there were elections in Elista (Russia) in October 1998. Boris Kutin (Slovenia) was duly elected as president and is still in office. The General Secretariat was founded in Berlin (Germany)

Current Board members:

Boris Kutin (Slovenia)

Deputy President:
Gerry Walsh (England)

Secretary General:
Horst Metzing (Germany)

Mahir Mammedov (Azerbaijan)

Damir Levacic (France)
Vladimir Sakotic (Montenegro)
Werner Stubenvoll (Austria)